ProMAC 2014

Keynote Speakers - Dr. Priscilla Rogers

Leadership in the Cognitive Era.

Dr. Priscilla Rogers
Dr. Priscilla Rogers

Senior Manager, Cognitive Health & Life Sciences Research, IBM Research - Australia


  Cognitive technology refers to systems that can learn, reason, and interact with humans naturally; making sense of the plethora of data that is available today. This new technology is disrupting long established industries and business, spawning different kinds of technological, scientific, and societal opportunities in an increasingly complex economy. In this keynote address, Dr Priscilla Rogers, Senior Manager, Cognitive Health & Life Sciences Research, will describe how cognitive computing is driving a new age of understanding, and how business leaders can lean into digital disruption and encourage innovation to drive competitive growth.



  Priscilla Rogers is the Senior Manager of the Cognitive Health & Life Sciences Research team at IBM Research – Australia, where she leads a large, multi-disciplinary team in the area of data-driven healthcare. This spans cognitive health sciences and medical image analytics right through to the development of computational tools to support routine clinical use of next generation sequencing. In her role, she is responsible for defining and driving the research agenda in the health and life sciences portfolio.

  Priscilla is passionate about the convergence of technology and health, and the transformative impact it can have on the sector. She has multiple years experience in the health sector, from designing nanobiosensors and other medical devices, to managing large research teams on health and life sciences projects. Her passion for healthcare and life sciences research began when she undertook a PhD in Engineering at Monash University, specialising in the exploitation of micro and nanoscale phenomena for diagnostic and drug discovery applications.



  - Doctor of Philosophy, Engineering

  - Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)