ProMAC 2014

Special Lecture - Mr. Hao Dinh

Special Lecture 3: Ant Colony Innovation

Mr. Hao Dinh
Mr. Hao Dinh
Innovation/Fast Works leader, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy



  In today's fast paced world, project managers as well as their teams need to be agile. Specifically, teams need to be open to learning quickly from their mistakes, adapt to those learnings and persevere. Companies need to provide their employees with the tools and culture to enable agile teams and project management. Organizations such as, General Electric (GE), P&G, MIT, Stanford, Harvard and MIT, have researched and applied new cultures and tools that enable their employees to be more agile. Interesting to note that the company values and tools that drive agility can be linked to how ant colonies operate. During this session, Hao will provide examples of how GE has leveraged ant colony operations and culture to help GE be more agile as it develops innovative solutions for its customers.



  Born in Vietnam and currently residing in the United States, Hao is an experience junkie. He has worked across the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia in the financial services sector, energy segment, extreme sports arena and entertainment industry performing various roles such as a financial auditor, IT manager, product development leader and his favorite job, as a professional skateboarder. Currently Hao is passionate about nurturing his creative confidence and utilizing innovation to solve complex issues. He is spearheading an initiative to transform a traditional Fortune 10 organization into an innovation powerhouse. Additionally, Hao started a non-profit called Grow by Design ( that is focused on helping K-12 students nurture their creative skills and spark their innovative fire!