ProMAC 2014

Keynote Speakers - Dr. Jim Taggart

Social Capital, Networks and Communication

Dr. Jim Taggart
Dr. Jim Taggart
OAM, Adjunct Professor and Chairman and Chancellor of Asia Pacific International College



    "keep your face always towards the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you” Walt Whitman

    "problems are not stop signs: they are guidelines" Robert.H. Schulman


  The ability to build positive relationships, what is known as reputational capital or relationship capital, Is perhaps the most important and valuable asset an individual or business can own. Other types of capital such as machinery or buildings can be purchased with very little human interaction or impact. The cornerstone in building these positive relationships is through the ability to network. In a quantitative sense ,the value of reputational capital can be observed in a company's financial statements in a very tangible and observable way, just like any other asset or even perhaps liability. Additionally, reputational capital can also be viewed as a currency that is traded in the market where the quality and quantity of information forms exchange. The ability to obtain, enhance and control information are vital prerequisites in building market intelligence; networks are the conduit that allows such transactions to operate.

  There is considerable research that informs us that networking as a verb, must be treated as a very important strategy, that has clear structure, precision, and a focus, that observes information as a paramount outcome in line with a companies short and long term objectives. An overriding dimension in the formation and acquisition of information as observed through reputational capital is of course behaviour; through impression management a young but important emerging school of management theory, a persons behaviour can either obtain such important information or not; the whole notion of a return on equity is formulated and even compound through the very notion of behaviour and impression management. Reputational capital is built upon a learned and refined experience instigated by a number of key stakeholders; the essence of this phenomenon is tied up in how we really make people feel ; how do you make people feel?



  Dr. Taggart is a Chairman, Non Executive, Committee (Audit) Member, Adjunct Professor and Director with over 25 years of board level experience across the public (local and state), private (finance planning, investment, development) and not for profit (church, community and fund-raising) sectors.

  At board level some of Dr. Taggart's highlights include being a Member of the Investment and Finance Board for the Parramatta Diocese, Chairman of the Salvation Army Advisory Board (Business Appeal), Audit Committee Member, Hills Shire Council and Parramatta Stadium as well as key roles with BREE, TAFE NSW (Western Sydney Institute) and EagleRaps.

  In an executive capacity, Dr. Taggart established and built a very successful business in the financial services industry sector,which was sold three years ago. Dr Taggart has also held executive roles with Western Sydney Academy of Sport and Landscape NSW & ACT. In all cases Dr Taggart provided strategic leadership, business advice and sponsorship strategies. Dr Taggart received his Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) and Adjunct Professorship of Notre Dame and Western Sydney University. Dr Taggart is also a recipient of the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) and also won the Association of Financial Advisers, Financial Advisor of the Year Award in 2005 and the Hills Shire Citizen in 2008 for community work.