ProMAC 2014

Keynote Speakers - Mr. Greg Purdy

Red Projects – Prevention, Detection & Recovery

Mr. Greg Purdy - MAICD
Mr. Greg Purdy - MAICD

CEO & Senior Vice President NTT DATA VTS


  IT Projects have a high failure rate when measured against the normal health factors of Project Management of Budget, Schedule and Quality. This failure rate is well above other disciplines and engineering projects yet IT has well established frameworks, processes and guidelines so what is going wrong?

  Many of the concepts I will discuss are already well documented in most mature organisations yet many of the organisations continue to struggle with Project margin erosion and profit loss so where are the problems and what can we do to make the change to a healthy Project portfolio.

  The aim of this session is to explore how projects go Red despite all the systems and processes, what can be done to recover from Red and how to prevent Red projects in the future. The key themes we will explore are as follows:

  1. Where do Projects start to go Red

  2. What can be done to detect and prevent Red projects

  3. A process to recover from Red

  4. What can be done to prevent Red projects



  Greg is an accomplished professional with over 40 years of experience in electronic and software based systems. Greg is qualified and experienced in Company Management, Programs Management, Commercial Management, Business Development and Project Engineering. Greg has an expert knowledge of large-scale integration, IT Systems and advanced communications systems. He has a thorough understanding of what it takes to successfully run a Project based business, grow shareholder value and successfully delivering major projects.

  Over his career Greg has worked across the fields of Defence, Telecommunications, Consulting and Commercial IT. Greg has led and delivered Projects from both “sides of the table” and has an experienced and practical understanding of what is needed for success.