ProMAC 2015

Paper Submission


ProMAC 2015 welcomes original manuscripts that are not under consideration by another journal. The article subjects must be pertinent to the project management. Manuscripts published in the proceedings of the ProMAC 2015 become the sole property of the Society of the Project Management.


Submission of a manuscript to the ProMAC 2015 should present original work; it is the author(s)’s responsibility for not infringing copyrights (e.g. pictures, citations, including self-citations). Submission of a manuscript to the ProMAC 2015 also implies that the article in English is original and that no portion is under consideration elsewhere or has been previously published in any language in any form other than as an abstract. Previous publication includes publishing as a component of symposia, proceedings, transactions, books or chapters, articles published by invitations or reports of any kind, as well as in electronic databases of a public nature. Contributions having any commercial interest will not be published in the proceedings of the ProMAC2015.


Steps of the review and submission process

  1. Abstract Submission: Upload an abstract through on-line submission system
  2. Result of Abstract Review: Confirm results after receiving e-mail from the system
  3. Full Paper Submission: Upload a full paper through on-line submission system


Abstract submission and review

All submitted abstracts will be subject to a peer review through SPM Online Paper Submission and Peer Review System. The abstracts should contain the paper title, authors, affiliations, abstracts written in English within 300 words, and 3 to 5 keywords indicating the main issues addressed in the paper.

Abstract, prepared according to the abstract template.


Full paper submission

Full paper should be 4-8 pages including paper title, authors' names, abstract, keywords, figures, tables, references and appendices. Full paper, prepared according to the Manual for Manuscript Preparation and paper template about format, should be submitted to SPM Online Paper Submission and Peer Review System.


Important precautions

  • SPM, which is R.E.P.(education group which can issue PDU) of PMI, forbid to quote charts and texts from PMI's copyrighted work such as PMBOK Guide on the papers which is published by SPM
  • This is different from normal copyright thought and constraint only for PMI's copyrighted work
  • SPM is screening each article to keep the instruction of PMI but it has limitations. Please note that author is required to pay money if copyright fee is charged by PMI
  • You can quote ISO21500:2012 in the range of general copyright thought by stipulating the reference